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Reality Talks: Episode One – Jane Golden

Podcasts Aug 16, 2018 0

On Reality Talks, we speak with working artists and arts professionals on navigating the art world. Through introspective conversation, our guests provide knowledge on the market, public projects and the artistic process. For our opening episode we had the... Read more

Digitalia: Examining Blackness in a Museum Through Technology

Art Reviews Jul 31, 2018 0

Digitalia: Art in the Economy of Ideas at The Museum of African Diaspora Consider... Read more

Studio Visits – Danny Minnick in London

The Artists Jan 23, 2018 0

In the studio with @dannyminnick today… he crushed the show at @maddoxgallery and preparing... Read more

From the Vapour of Gasoline at White Cube Mason’s Yard

Art Reviews Oct 5, 2017 0

When I stumbled upon the title of this exhibition I immediately thought about the... Read more
Stolen Dreams in the Promise Zone w/ @SaveDupree‎
Directed and Edited By: Badir McCleary Philadelphia’s international artist James Dupree battles with abuse from the City of Philadelphia...
In Conversation: Dr. Jill Moniz and Dr. Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins at The Landing Gallery
This past Sunday (May 21st), The Landing Gallery hosted a curators panel for its current exhibition “Signifying Form” curated...
“Channel 7” A Composition in A Major by Norm Maxwell
The exhibition entitled “Channel 7 (GBDF)” is a series of visual musical compositions where the 7th Channel denotes the...
The Best and Brightest of the 2015 Los Angeles Art Show
The 2015 LA Art Show was, to say the least, overwhelming. There was so much to take in that...
#TheArtInfluencer – Episode Four: Steve Grody of Graffiti L.A.
Steve Grody been documenting L.A. graffiti since 1990. He is an author and art journalist that focuses on the...
#TheArtInfluencer – Episode Three: Richard Springwater of Hideout OTG
Dwell on Design LA, curated by the editors of Dwell magazine, is America’s Largest Design Event. Attended by over...
#TheArtInfluencer – Episode Two: Skid Row Super Mural Project
The art world is changing. Art has always been a driving force in community enrichment, creating social awareness and...
Digitalia: Examining Blackness in a Museum Through Technology
Digitalia: Art in the Economy of Ideas at The Museum of African Diaspora Consider this: In the future, you’ll...
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