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Reisig and Taylor, “Urban Poetry” – February 25 – March 19, 2017 at Gallery 38 in Los Angeles
Gallery 38 is pleased to present Reisig and Taylor in their solo exhibition, Urban Poetry, featuring lenticular photography that explores elements of the urban experience. The title of the exhibition refers to the manner in which the subjects and the landscape work in concert with each other to narrate... Read more
What are Ethics? It’s About What You Can Get Away With
Ethics is a large part of business in America. It may be the lynchpin to your organization and also could propel or destroy a business’ reputation. It seems that as far as the art world is concerned, ethics have taken a backseat to marketing dollars, greed, and shady business... Read more
Studio Visits – Charles Dickson
I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the studio of the great Charles Dickson in Compton, CA. Not only was I blown away by the hospitality, I was enthralled and floored by the amount of work and the different medium in which he chose to present each subject. I... Read more