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Art. We love everything about it. The composition, the way it makes you feel, the way it impacts our everyday life. We understand that...

Art. We love everything about it. The composition, the way it makes you feel, the way it impacts our everyday life. We understand that in our society, art is one of the only things we have to level the playing field and provide a voice in a world that seems to silence anything against the status quo.

ArtAboveReality believes in connecting talents and emotions of people through multiple art mediums. Being an arts organization and media outlet, we work on all kinds’ outward promotion and projects. Through fun and informative exhibition coverage, public art, and up to date art market information provided by trusted sources, we provide the consumer of our brand with a broad range of artistic knowledge and education. Partnering with art ambassadors and being able to collectively tell stories through articles documentaries and local public projects including murals, gives our clients, the community and our staff, a global presence in assisting the growth of the arts community and the welfare of the local communities we operate in.

Who We Are:
Our company was created to assist artistic individuals honing and strengthening their crafts, communities in need of beautification through arts as well as community programming centered on growth in education, creativity and critical thinking. It is rooted in the idea that inspiring creativity in an individual is essential to their bottom line whether it be artistically, morally and/or financially. With this theory in mind, ArtAboveReality will be working hard to ensure that all of their consumers’ expectations and experiences are followed through with the highest level of excellence.

The Director:
Badir McCleary is an independent art strategist, consultant and current Sotheby’s Institute of Art of London graduate. My passion and education in contemporary, modern and street art has propelled me to develop and acquire the prerequisite skills to complete multiple projects as an accredited journalist, documentarian and curator of artistic exhibitions. My awareness of trends and consistencies in the art market have allowed me to gather, develop and maintain relationships that have led to great success in projects and an ultimate growth in my learning. Covering gallery and fair openings, auctions and museum openings has allowed me to stay up-to- date with current primary and secondary market artists and their sales and acquisitions allowing for face to face interaction with galleries, artist and collectors alike and being able to successfully work as a liaison to them. Owning a gallery in Los Angeles has allowed me to take more of an active role in managing artists, preparing logistics for major art fairs as well as reigniting the spark in dilapidated neighborhoods by working with businesses, artists and residents to develop beautification strategies. In a most recent project with Google Open Gallery, we were able to institute our “Community in Change: The Art In West Adams” project which received a good amount of press and deemed West Adams (West LA) the “neighborhood of the year” with my gallery being the “Center of the West Adams Art Scene”.

The Mission:
ArtAboveReality believes in connecting emotions of people through multiple art mediums. The main component in increasing awareness is connecting to people through projects and content that can directly relate to the audience and their values. Understanding what the audience sees as important is the first steps to providing quality programming and service whether it is through non-profit arts programming or inside of a blue chip gallery or corporation. Content and information that is easily digestible and actionable, activates people to continue with the strategy long after the programming as ended creating an internal value checklist. Using this checklist, leaders will be able to identify new ways of seeing art, business and community through the eyes of creativity and team building.

The Vision:
Our vision for the brand is to become the leader in arts media, education and strategy for emerging communities and arts organizations. We plan on providing a structured plan of action researched through many case studies geared toward specific project goals. Our staff continually receiving training on the most current trends, products and development activities and strategies will ensure the most robust experience our customers can fathom.

Something that sets us apart from companies that share certain similarities with us is that we not only act to promote and serve the art world, we are active members in the art community ourselves. ArtAboveReality remains an active member of the global art scene through membership of leading arts organization such as New Art Dealers Association and Sotheby’s Institute among others and the goal is to both anticipate and implement new strategies allowing for the maximum result for any project.

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