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“Tactical Urbanism” was a phrase that struck me like a lightening bolt while interviewing Mr. David Malmuth. David, the founder and a Managing Director... Developing the I.D.E.A District San Diego w/ David Malmuth

“Tactical Urbanism” was a phrase that struck me like a lightening bolt while interviewing Mr. David Malmuth. David, the founder and a Managing Director for seven years with RCLCO’s Development Services Group and developer of projects such as Hollywood & Highland and the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA, is also one of the leading partners on the development of the I.D.E.A. District for San Diego. David’s open-minded vision and “we can always do better” attitude really gave me a preview to the excitement surrounding this project.

In our talks about the soon to be revitalized area of San Diego known as the East Village, David offered some cool insight on what’s to come in the community and how just a simple change in the way we do things can impact our neighborhoods, the way we do business and live our lives. David, along with his team of developers, interns, and overall insightful individuals have started a ground breaking development aimed at improving the district while “fostering more ideas per square foot”.

“The I.D.E.A. District is a transformative urban initiative which aims to create 13,000+ design and tech jobs in the next 12 years in Downtown San Diego’s East Village.” – I.D.E.A. District

The “I.D.E.A.(Innovation, Design, Education and Arts) District is shaping to be a force within the city to help everyday San Diegans to get out of their “comfort zones” and unlock from the “permanence” of their everyday lives. Creative art areas, retail spaces and housing are just a few of the areas of improvement that the I.D.E.A District promises to bring along with building a strong creative economy.

Building a great community that supports itself and offers innovation as a rule not as a option with the I.D.E.A. District. Combining Art, Design, and Education to strengthen the fabric of a neighborhood is not only a great start but essential to providing an avenue for growth in a developing area.

If you are a CEO ready to attract the best talent with creative office space and amenities,
or a creative looking for a place to call home, welcome to IDEA1. – I.D.E.A. District

How can we create a better downtown to put people in a setting to be more creative and do better work?IDEA1 is the first piece of the development puzzle for that. IDEA1 will serve as the innovative center to bring the teams vision to life. The IDEA1 development will “encourage interaction between these blocks and the larger community”. “I believe people are at their best when they’re in environments where like-minded individuals bounce ideas of each other like bumper cars at a carnival.”

IDEA1 could be the epicenter to the next big tech idea, art show or ideal living space for residents to enjoy quality downtown living thats accessible to the creativity of the new Downtown San Diego. Be sure to stay tuned as we bring more on this story. Next we talk with East Village residents and business owners! More to come!

Badir McCleary Editor in Chief

Badir McCleary is an independent consultant. He holds a M.A. in Arts Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art (Los Angeles/London) where he focused on creating art markets and with an undergraduate degree in Internet Computing from Cabrini University focusing on e-commerce and digital trends. Badir enjoys working with artists and consider them crucial to informing his practice.

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