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“I’m so excited to be a part of a movement that will propel the growing world of street art. This is the start of... Mixed Emotions, Artist Excitement as First Ever “Street Art Fair” Promises to be Groundbreaking

“I’m so excited to be a part of a movement that will propel the growing world of street art. This is the start of a huge movement!” – Jeff Hamilton

The “Street Art Fair” is set to debut its first edition of the themed event on October 1st through the 4th at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. On paper, this event has the potential to hold its own and really strengthen street art as a collectible genre among art connoisseurs. The fair, created by artist and designer, Jeff Hamilton; LAB ART gallery owner, and curator, Iskander Lemseffer; under the leadership of Christopher Andreoli, plans to attract leading collectors, curators, influencers and critics from across the globe for the 3-day outdoor event.

The overall theme of the fair is the celebration of graffiti and “Street Art” as a global movement and offers a platform for artists to not only sell their work but take part in the installation, advertising, and marketing of their products. The idea of allowing artists to experience the feel of having their own body of work displayed to visitors on their terms is very exciting and I’m very anxious to see what comes of it.

The goal of Street to provide a venue for creators of quality fine art and fine craft to meet with the art-buying public. – Iskander Lemseffer

But “Street”, as its also known by, still faces an uphill battle. First-time events of this size usually coincide with a logistical miscalculation and under-achieved expectations. Many artists and galleries were unsure of potential success and raised concerns early. With Los Angeles being the epicenter for ads and billboards, folks were skeptical when they didn’t see any public marketing of the upcoming event like LACMA and MOCA does in promoting large art events.

I met with the “Street” team and posed the question and they assured me of a promotion plan for the week leading up to the event. They also acknowledged the concerns of many and the early confusion with the fair but insists they’re more ready than they’ve ever been. They happily showed the exhibit setup, the newly printed tickets, and flyers, and the number of reserved tickets already for the fair attendance which I admit was pretty impressive. Co-Founder Iskander Lemseffer even went as far as having me listen to radio spots for ads that are to go in rotation the week of the show.

“Street’s exhibition will emphasize and celebrate Los Angeles’s role in the evolution of graffiti and street art” – Street Art Fair

“Street”, after earlier concerns about artist attendance, has a confirmed list of some pretty dope artists and galleries. The headliners include Alec Monopoly, Dytch 66, Risk, Odlaw, Greg Auerbach, Clinton Bopp, Annie Preece, MONCHO 1929 among the participation of many others. I personally am excited to see some of the artists I’ve never encountered before.

Overall, I am hoping for an exciting time of meeting and filming new artists, seeing the new works, and documenting the scene. Bringing the rest of the world to Los Angeles, which has become ground zero for the street art, should open the floodgates for loads of new work, in the fair and on the streets.

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Badir McCleary Editor in Chief

Badir McCleary is an independent consultant. He holds a M.A. in Arts Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art (Los Angeles/London) where he focused on creating art markets and with an undergraduate degree in Internet Computing from Cabrini University focusing on e-commerce and digital trends. Badir enjoys working with artists and consider them crucial to informing his practice.

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