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Street Artist “MiMo” claims to be creative force behind the ALEC Monopoly art machine

Do you believe in ghosts? I’m talking about the folks in our culture who “collaborate” in creating some of the largest art and entertainment brands known in the world today. On the heels of the Meek Mill and Drake ghostwriting feud, I was introduced to another quarrel, this time in…

#TheArtInfluencer – Episode Three: Richard Springwater of Hideout OTG

Dwell on Design LA, curated by the editors of Dwell magazine, is America’s Largest Design Event. Attended by over 30,000 people, this 3-day modern home show exhibits cutting-edge modern products from design industry leaders, and interacts with thousands of experts in the field of design and beyond. In episode three,…

#TheArtInfluencer – Episode One: Jordan Weber

The art world is changing. Art has always been a driving force in community enrichment, creating social awareness and enhancing the juxtaposition of our society and the artists canvas. Today, the art works have grown in scale and complexity to intrigue new audiences and revive the collective appreciation of art…

Our first time at Sonce Alexander Gallery was an interesting one. It took a bit to find parking because of its location on gallery row on La Cienega which hosts some of the art worlds classier establishments. Sonce Alexander Gallery didn’t disappoint in living up to its surroundings. I... Read more
I guess you can call it fate. I wasn’t really supposed to find Angie Jones’ work, I was just supposed to continue my oblivious walk down the gallery, looking at my phone, prepping the write-up from the ThinkSpace Gallery show that I just attended, and then I bump into... Read more
I always enjoy coming to Thinkspace Gallery. They seem to always have something brewing, and the artists they exhibit have a spark that always a seems to be exactly what I need at that moment. My first encounter with Thinkspace Gallery wa last year (2013) at the NoseGo and... Read more
Our first time at Gagosian Beverly Hills was definitely an experience. I stumbled across the “CLEAR” exhibit taking my friends on a tour of LA. Glad I stopped in here. Don’t you just love when art is different than you are used to? I mean like yeah there is... Read more