Obscura Community Commission

Obscura Community Commission

We Come in Peace, 2022

Obscura will designate the commission theme or subject to photograph. As a photographer-oriented platform, we want to commission our community members to go out and photograph pressing issues happening today around the world. A team of 10 photographers are awarded the Community Commission to document events, people, or places. We also offer them a mentorship program and a curatorial partnership to help during the commission. Each artist will deliver a collection of 15 NFTs. – Text From Obscura

My idea in looking at Two Years After The Storm is a concentrated eye on the humanity beneath the glitz. Los Angeles, and other cities, have been hit very hard by the recent wave of viruses and homelessness and the citizens are trying to cope the best that they can. Looking at faces, places, and spaces to uncover the stories that reflect our reality. Below are the outtakes from the commission. You can find the final works at and mint them with a mint pass.

PayDay Advanced, 2022
Riding, Rolling, 2022
Property, 2022

Defiance Of Juncture

Defiance Of Juncture

What is defiance? Is it an action? An idea? Is it contained within a movement? An object? How does operating in that defiance define the point in time? How does defiance or the definition of defiance differ throughout time? “May You Live In Interesting Times”, the title for the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019, unknowingly predicted the sentiment of humanity just eight months later.

“Interesting Times” would prove to be an understatement, as the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside numerous uprisings in the country, gave way to the defiance of current conditions in many facets of our society. Analyzing these conditions has allowed for constant dialogue among humanity about the actions of the past and present and eventually how they will affect our future. This has given us the opportunity to create what’s to come.

July 10th — August 20th

Art Share Los Angeles

Curators Statement

Artists In The Exhibition:

@b4_flight, Leigh Barbier (@spongebarbier), Chelle Barbour (@chelle.barbour), Chantal Barlow (@chantalbarlow), Cody Bayne (@codybayne_official), Daniela Garcia (@dahnniii), Amoura Gonzales (@fuckinlame), Samira Idroos(@samiraidroos), Jessi Jumanji (@jessijumanji), Miriam Kruishoop (@mkruishoop), Carmen Mardonez (@desbordado), Michael Massenburg (@mmassenburg), Amy McCormac (@mccormacamy), Rosalyn Myles (@rozmyles), Duane Paul (@duanepaul), Isaac Pelayo (@isaacpelayo), Antonio Pelayo (@antoniopelayoproductions), Prime K2S (@Primek2s), Leigh Salgado (@leighsalgado), and Mark “Bit” Savage (@phenomenalmark).


Badir McCleary is an independent consultant. He holds an M.A. in Arts Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art (Los Angeles/London) where he focused on emerging art markets. Having extensive contemporary art history knowledge and experience, Badir can tackle large projects with confidence, protecting and tracking deliverables and ensuring high-level success for clients. Badir was the Co-Owner and Director of Gallery 38 (Los Angeles), a project that produced exhibitions for emerging artists of color in South Los Angeles and helped contribute to several public projects globally, helping artists transform communities through visual aesthetics. (​@artabovereality​).