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#PlacesAndSpaces2017 – Traveled to the beautiful country of #Italy with one mission… get to the @labiennale! I was so excited when we got the... Visiting the 2018 Venice Biennale and the Work that Caught My Eye via My Instagram

#PlacesAndSpaces2017 – Traveled to the beautiful country of #Italy with one mission… get to the @labiennale! I was so excited when we got the itinerary. When I first arrived at the Arsenale I was so anxious that what I was about to see would be a little over the top or needed to be overly explained and wouldn’t grab me as much as the works that have dominated the press throughout the summer but I was sooooo wrong. New materials, scale and opportunity played a huge part in the display of works from the participating countries that literally sent my brain into creative criticism that allowed me to do an on spot presentation of the work by #DavidMedalla for my @sothebysinstitute program which was awesome! Riding through the canals immediately gave you a nostalgic feeling of reading your favorite Italian epic or watching video of artists over time embarking on #Venice to practice arts and gain knowledge from peers. I think the biggest thing I picked up from the biennale was to focus on curation and the idea of detail. I ran to try and catch the hated #DamienHirst show #treasuresfromthewreckoftheunbelievable but I was literally a minute late and had to look through the window lol… my favorite pavilion of the biennale was a tie between Greece and Korea. Greece had an amazing video display and maze like exhibition that talked about scientist and how they control, restrict and discover problems that contribute and shape mankind and Korea welcomed your with neon tigers and the excitement of #TimesSquare to tell the story of items of a lost journalist. The #Biennale changes the way I saw art and artists and the ideas that can/should change the way the conversation is held. Oh and did I mention #MarkBradford? #artabovereality #venicebiennale #travel #sothebysinstituteofart #contemporaryart #artfair #labiennaledivenezia #lookwhatartfound #international #curator

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I really loved the story behind #HassanSharif’s Hassan Sharif Studio (Supermarket), 1990-2016 at @labiennale in the #giardini. The installation evokes the display methods of hyper markets and his works are displayed as simple products. The public sees 30 years of creation and immediately plunges into the intimacy of the artists work. The collecting of his work constitutes a resistance to the profusion of the commercial and consumerist system. #ArtAboveReality #LookWhatArtFound #Inspiring #Art #Curator #PhotoJournalism #PhotoJournalist #StreetPhotography #ArtJournalism #ArtPhotography #photoaday #photo #artist #contemporaryart #CollectingArt #FineArt #InstallationArt #labiennaledivenezia #venicebiennale #supermarket #collection #consumerism #sculpture

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By far my best experience of @labiennale was meeting artist #DawnKasper randomly.. I was walking through then center pavilion after getting lost from my @sothebysinstitute folks and stopped by her installation, The Sun, The Moon and The Stars, and had a great conversation with her about being a nomadic artist, living and working globally and the journey to get to the Biennale. She has been in Italy 7 months and has been documenting, painting and taking in every bit of the exhibitions. To me it would seem overwhelming but for her, she seemed excited about coming in and getting to work. I was so inspired by Dawn and her installation and plan to write a catalogue essay on her and the work. It fit too perfect with where I’m going in this stage of my career. You ever have an artist that changes the way you feel about a situation? One that can make what you thought was a negative seem like an extreme positive? This is her. Check out her work. Listen to her story. It may just change the way you feel about a few things. #ArtAboveReality #LookWhatArtFound #Inspiring #Art #Curator #PhotoJournalism #PhotoJournalist #StreetPhotography #ArtJournalism #ArtPhotography #photoaday #photo #artist #contemporaryart #CollectingArt #FineArt #Painting #installation #installationart #venicebiennale #labiennaledivenezia

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